If you’ve ever stayed at The Honeysuckle Hill Inn, you’ve seen our beautiful English influenced gardens. We are always on the look-out for new ideas. Last week we took a road trip to the world famous Philadelphia Flower Show for inspiration. The theme of the show was America’s love of English gardens, of course!

Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MAAs we entered the show, we knew we were in for a special treat. Big Ben was waiting for us, along with about a trillion flowers! What a show!











Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MAThis beautiful exercise melded nature and man-made materials in a wonderful way. Rick’s challenge is to take all of his tools, bend them in an artful manner, and situate them throughout our gardens before our daffodils rise. Rick’s more than happy about donating his tools; especially the shovels, picks and rakes!



Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MANancy strives to make the breakfast experience a beautiful event, insisting on fresh-cut flower bouquets from our gardens on all guest breakfast tables. She especially liked this arrangement although questioning whether there would be enough space for the frittata.


Rick suggested that perhaps a simpler, yet still elegant approach might be more practical.Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA



Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MANancy acquiesced a little and decided to go with this theme for the upcoming season. Talk about pampering our guests!







Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MARick was concerned that Nancy was getting a bit carried away when she showed him her new plans for the kitchen. After much conversation about where would they put serving plates, keep the bacon warm, and find a spot for the coffee maker, both parties agreed it was time for a spot of tea.






Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MAIt is very common on Cape Cod to have an outdoor shower – it’s great for getting the sand off of you after the beach, and communing with nature. Rick came up with this brilliant idea as an extension to Honeysuckle Hill’s outdoor shower facility. Nancy was not so sure this would fly with our guests. Nancy won.




Rick is an old drummer and was especially captivated by this unique arrangement. Nancy, on the other hand, is tired of all the space Rick’s drums take up in the basement and has plans for them in her garden. Rick’s not smiling at the moment.

Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA

 Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA

All in all, it was a terrific show. We gleaned a ton of new ideas for our gardens, and are chomping at the bits for spring to arrive (it’s just around the corner) so we can get started with future gardening plans. So when you come for your next (or first) visit to the Honeysuckle Hill Inn, you will be certain to be pleasantly surprised. Hope to see you soon!