Ok, Ok, so sometimes it does snow on the Cape – but not much – really! However, Nemo certainly had its way with us this past weekend. We got about 18” of snow, and winds up to 84 miles per hour were recorded in nearby Hyannis. This is definitely not the norm for the Cape! However, Cape Codders are a hearty lot, and we know how to survive a good Nor’easter. Our humongous generator “Big Bertha” saved the day, keeping us somewhat warm, and with lights and water.

Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MARick, the ever diligent innkeeper, was out immediately clearing the guest sidewalk. He was muttering, “Got to get it clear, there could be a weary traveler come knocking at our door.” Nancy, on the other hand, was out shooting pictures of the snow. Rick was heard muttering again “Somehow this doesn’t seem fair.”


Our always inviting Adirondack chairs out front still offered a pleasant place to park oneself – Just bring your own shovel, and sip your wine quickly before it freezes.Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA









It might be a while before the Wisteria blooms, but when it does, it’s beautiful.Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA

Our lovely Japanese garden looks as if plucked from a scene in Snow Falling on Cedars  – ethereal to be sure.  But nature springs eternal, and the pond and water plants, will come out of their deep-freeze before you know it.


Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MAHoneysuckle Hill weathered the storm well, we’re back in business, the guest path is clear, the fireplace is warming the guest living room nicely, and a carafe of sherry is waiting for you.  Come on down for a winter getaway. We have some great specials, and some great beaches to entice you. By the way, it was amazing to see Sandy Neck Beach yesterday – the beach area was totally clear of snow! The waves  washed in so high that they swept away all the snow!  A walk on the beach was actually possible and pleasant.Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA



Stay warm and safe. Hope to see you soon.

Nancy & Rick