The 4th Annual Quahog (Ko-hog) Day was held yesterday, June 20th, at Parker Beach in Yarmouth – in celebration of the first day of summer. Residents and tourists alike came to hear the famous “Doug” predict how many days of sunshine Cape Cod would enjoy this year. Even Santa showed up to celebrate the event (hey, a little part-time job on the side never hurts!).

Doug the Quahog was accompanied by his life-long pal Johnny Quahog, who is thought to be the only human that actually speaks “Quahog”. When Doug whispered in Johnny’s ear the magic number of days of sunshine to expect this summer, the massive crowd was silent. When Johnny Quahog announced “84 Days” the crowd was jubilant. Throngs of participants then headed off in the direction of the smell of melted butter for a hedonistic quahog celebration. Doug was spared so he could predict sunshine for next year’s celebration.

Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) has got nothin’ on Doug the Quahog. Quahogs rule!
For more information on this spectacular event check the Quahog Day Official Website