The walls of Honeysuckle Hill Inn’s guest living room and dining room are filled with a lovely collection of local art…courtesy of Black Crow Gallery, located in Mashpee Commons.

Black Crow Gallery features the work of 33 talented, diverse Cape Cod artists. Many of these artists are represented on our walls, including:

  • Photographs by Zig Guzikowski —
  • Oils by George Machon and Joline Diehl
  • Watercolors by Kathy Taylor and Mary Bracy Martin
  • Acrylics by Bonnie Brewer and Mary Bracy Martin


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All of the local art on our walls may be purchased at the Inn. Or, if you prefer, visit the Gallery in person for a larger selection of local art in, situated in an amazing old barn nestled beside the marsh at Scorton Creek. You won’t be disappointed…you’ll be amazed! Check them out at