One of the things that we love about Cape Cod is the interesting and friendly people that inhabit this special place. Al Schofield is one of them. Al and his wife Cathy own the Old Village Store, in West Barnstable — just down the street from Honeysuckle Hill Inn.

Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA This quintessential general store is a true small village gem, offering delicious deli sandwiches, and a little bit of everything else a weary traveler needs to make his or her Cape Cod experience that much more comfortable (especially the growlers of Cape Cod Beer!). However, what really sets it apart is Al’s daily “philosophies” prominently harked on a sandwich board (that’s appropriate)in front of the store. While his daily wisdoms aren’t Plato or Aristotle, they’re good enough to put a smile on your face – maybe they are better than Plato! We walk our dogs past the store every day, sometimes twice (they’re Australian Shepherds and have endless energy!), and we always make a point to see what Al has to say for the day. Here’s a couple of his more recent posts.



Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA
Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA











Ever the marketing wizard, Al goes to great lengths to make sure people are aware of his store, and that it is open for business even in the most inclement weather. On a recent snowy day, Al took his life in his hands and climbed the formidable “Mount West Barnstable” to get his message out there.

Honeysuckle Hill Inn West Barnstable MA








Needless to say we were very impressed, especially our dogs who barked at Al incessantly until they tired of him, and then went back to scratching themselves.

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The only being who wasn’t so impressed was the store’s polar bear mascot who was overheard saying “What storm? “

Bear at StoreSo the next time you’re on the Cape, visit West Barnstable. It’s a tiny town, just a mile down from Sandy Neck Beach – one of the nicest beaches on the Cape. Stop by Al’s store, and purchase a yummy deli sandwich and a growler of beer. Then head home to the Honeysuckle Hill Inn and enjoy your meal on our wonderful screened in porch. Of course there’s a catch, you need to be a guest at our inn to enjoy the porch but, hey… it’s a great place, and you’ll enjoying staying here at this historic, romantic Cape Cod bed and breakfast  — we guarantee it!


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